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I am Here - your neighbourhood custom play map

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How cool is this! The child gets to learn the local streets in their neighbourhood , while driving their toy cars on this custom-designed road map play map.

The I am Here play map is custom-designed to their neighbourhood and is professionally printed on high quality vinyl. Easy to keep clean and store, the play mat can be wiped with a cloth and rolled up when playtime is over.

Sizes available:
Small - 20" x 28" (makes a great childhood keepsake)
Medium - 28" x 45"
Large - 28" x 60"

The only information that is required to create to your custom play map is the full address that you would like the map to be based on. (house/building number, street, city, state/province, and zip code/postal code) Please note that maps can be created for pretty much anywhere in the world as long as the full address is provided.

Prior to your map being hand drawn you will receive an image of the area that is to be covered on your play map for your pre-approval. The larger the size the more of the neighbourhood we can cover. On average the length of the Large size will cover about 1 mile (1.6 kilometres). We always try to get as many connecting streets on as we can. All street names are printed in a very large and easy to read font.

In terms of marking locations on the play mat we do carry a great line of vinyl stickers so that you can now add even more detail to your custom play mat. The sticker sheets are $1.75 each. (see images below)

The stickers are made of glossy vinyl so they are waterproof and your play mat can still be wiped clean and rolled up with play time is over. Because the stickers have a glossy finish they do add a really nice punch of colour and contract to the design of the mat.

After you have pre-approved the area to be covered you will receive a PDF artwork proof to review prior to printing.

Our current turnaround time is about 1-2 weeks.

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